Dearest friends;

       Tonight was the night I was scheduled to do another guest hosting stint on Music You Can’t Hear on the Radio. It was going to be a salute to what would have been baseball’s opening weekend, with lots of tunes about America’s pastime. If given the opportunity to do this program again in the future, I intend to do so. I have pre-recorded interviews with a wonderful NJ singer-songwriter, Arlon Bennett, who wrote a song about NY Mets broadcaster Bob Murphy, and with baseball’s balladeer, Chuck Brodsky. I also was going to have on good friends Bob Wright and Bill Doerge of Harbortown, who have done some more baseball tunes, and fellow substitute folk music radio host, Larry Wolfert, who was going to bring along a bunch more. I hope you all do get to hear this show down the road.

       Thanks to Ed Cziplicki and Ron Kaplan for hosting a Facebook live trivia event on Friday night. A good time was had by all, and they intend to do one every Friday night. I may do a virtual Todd’s music trivia myself.

        I am saddened by the passing of a fellow barbershop singer, and it is extra sad, because normally we would get together and sing at the wake or funeral. Of course, that will not happen this time.

        I did put the finishing touches on the new web site and mobile site. is good to go.

        I dared myself to like the music and am doing March 1990 this week. The Sunday schedule has changed slightly.

        1PM ET and


      10PM and


      Prayers for everyone. Stay well, and bless you all.

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